Tony Dufresne, PhD

Hello, I’m Tony Dufresne, PhD, and Girl Dad

I am a Women’s Confidence & Empowerment Coach; my expertise is in helping women like you build their self-confidence, overcome self-doubt (imposter syndrome) and achieve their goals through my Building True Confidence online program, my weekly show, the “She Talks Confidence” podcast, and my keynote speaking gigs.

Tony Dufresne, PhD


How Can I Help You?

Building True Confidence – The Program

Building True Confidence
– The Program

Explore the underlying causes of low confidence and discover tools and strategies to help you increase your self-assurance.

She Talks Confidence - The Podcast

She Talks Confidence
- The Podcast

Would a more confident you make your life and the lives of the people you care about a whole lot better? If so, this show is for you!

True Confidence Keynote Speaker - The Presenter

True Confidence Keynote
Speaker - The Presenter

In my inspiring keynote presentation, I share my key insights and current research to help women unlock the power of True Confidence.

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I have the privilege of chatting with a strong, powerful woman who has overcome their own confidence challenges each and every week. To hear more captivating stories and useful insights, use the button below. You can also find the She Talks Confidence pod on all your usual platforms – listen, watch, follow, subscribe…you know what to do!  (Btw – If you’d like to share your confidence story as a guest, reach out.)

Transform️ Your Life - True Confidence for Women (ebook)

If you’re a smart, compassionate and caring woman struggling with feelings of self-doubt or a lack of confidence just when you need it the most, then I have good news.

The truth is, you have ALL the tools you need to be a consistently Confident Woman …it’s just a matter of understanding what Confidence REALLY is, which is not what most people think.

This ebook is a powerful summary of my 7-step approach that has helped women from all over the world to stop the second-guessing and self-doubt and start taking control of their lives.

Tony Dufresne

Let’s Address the Elephant on the Page…

Yes, I am a man (He/Him)…with a passion for coaching already powerful women (like yourself) about True Confidence. But where did it start? With my daughter…my amiga…my best buddy.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, my journey with her as a single girl-dad was the beginning of ‘girl’s world’ bootcamp for this guy, and it changed my life.

If we work together, I’ll do it without an ounce of Mansplaining or Gaslighting, two well-known methods of male manipulation that I’m sure you’ve experienced at one time or another.

Tony Dufresne

Let’s Connect

Whether you have questions about my online True Confidence course, my podcast, booking me for a speaking gig or collaborating on a new project, I would love to hear from you.