Meet Tony Dufresne, PhD – The Confidence Doc

Hi, my name is Tony Dufresne; welcome to my website dedicated to Understanding True Confidence for Women.

I’d like to start by talking about my favorite animal, the elephant…specifically, the elephant sat square in the middle of this ‘women’s confidence’ space.

The elephant in the room is clearly me! Because I am a man (He/Him) …that has chosen to focus my passion for coaching True Confidence with already powerful women (like yourself).

My passion is talking about what ‘True Confidence’ is, what it looks like, how it feels, and finally, how to maintain that feeling every minute of every day. Especially in a world that is set up to have you constantly second-guess your intuition, your choices, and your personal power – Hello Imposter Syndrome!

Mansplaining Free Zone!

I will share my passion, present it without an ounce of Mansplaining or Gaslighting, two well-known methods of male manipulation that I’m sure you’ve experienced at one time or another.

My Backstory…for Context

So, you may be asking yourself…How did this guy become so interested in Women’s Confidence?

My path to standing here, in front of you right now, is 100% because of my daughter…my amiga…my best buddy…Rachel.

Our story begins when she was about one. That’s when Rachel’s mom and I parted ways and circumstances led to me being a single dad at the age of 27. Here I was raising a daughter on my own.

A daughter…a gender of the human species that I thought I knew about, but in reality, had absolutely no clue! Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was the beginning of ‘girl’s world’ bootcamp for this guy and it changed my life. For the better.

Tony & Family

That epiphany led me to lean into my passion for helping others through therapy and coaching. I went back to grad school at 30 to get my Psych degree. Then my doctorate.

In 2011, I opened my own counseling and coaching company, which in turn led to the “She Talks Confidence” podcast, YouTube channel (Tony Dufresne, PhD), and the book (Surrounded by Idiots).

My podcast, speaking engagements, and online True Confidence program are labors of love that have come from three decades of success, failure, setbacks, challenges, breakthroughs, and comebacks.

My Goal for You

My goal is to provide a system of caring, supportive coaching that empowers professional women to confidently choose a new, more fulfilling life path, set a positive example for themselves and others, and to make their own unique, lasting mark on this world.


How Can I Help You?

Building True Confidence – The Program

Building True Confidence
– The Program

Explore the underlying causes of low confidence and discover tools and strategies to help you increase your self-assurance.

She Talks Confidence - The Podcast

She Talks Confidence
- The Podcast

Would a more confident you make your life and the lives of the people you care about a whole lot better? If so, this show is for you!

True Confidence Keynote Speaker - The Presenter

True Confidence Keynote
Speaker - The Presenter

In my inspiring keynote presentation, I share my key insights and current research to help women unlock the power of True Confidence.

Let’s Connect

Read my bio, but want to learn more? I get it… Let’s schedule a 30-minute no-obligation chat. Honestly, I would love to hear from you!