True Confidence Keynote Speaker – Tony Dufresne, PhD

Searching for a women’s confidence keynote speaker for your next female focused conference or seminar?

As a confidence expert, a women’s empowerment coach, and having been a single dad raising a daughter through a battle with Leukemia, I know first-hand the incredible power of cultivating a True Confidence mindset. A confident mindset can help you to effectively navigate even the most treacherous waters that life presents. Women’s confidence is close to my heart, and I would love to share my insights and my passion with your audience

Keynote Title: True Confidence for Women

In (what I have been told is) an inspiring keynote presentation, I will share my key insights and current research to help women unlock the power of True Confidence.

Audience Takeaways:

Develop a thorough understanding as to what True Confidence is for women, and what it actually feels like.

Obtain research-based tools and techniques that neutralize the adverse societal forces and negative internal thought patterns that lead to self-doubt, overthinking, and/or perfectionism.

Learn how to tap into the power of True Confidence in order to take action in any circumstance, even when facing their greatest fear.

My presentation will include educational and instructional frameworks, critical introspective questions, and a few humorous life anecdotes thrown in for good measure!

Questions? Let’s Connect

If you would like to schedule a 30-minute chat to learn more about my keynote presentation, please reach out. Perhaps you’ve learned enough already, and just want to compare schedules…either way I would love to hear from you!